Chants de l'Aube et du Soir

(“Songs of Dawn and Evening“)

“Very charming. *****” – Pizzicato


Melody Louledjian: vocals
Cyril Achard: guitar and composition


Melodie francaise, classical music, world music, flamenco and jazz elements


Songs of Dawn and Evening: Compositions combining traditional French melodies, jazz, and world music – carried by an deep sense of poetry and sensuality.


French soprano with Armenian roots and French guitarist with a love of jazz and harmonies

Cultural Influences

Classical music, contemporary music, jazz, flamenco, chanson 


Chants de l'Aube et du Soir

About Chant's de l'Aube et du Soir

Melody Louledjian: vocals
Cyril Achard: guitar and composition

Chants de l’Aube et du Soir or “Songs of Dawn and Evening” – the name says it all for this French duo formed by soprano Melody Louledjian and Cyril Achard (guitar).

With nothing more than an acoustic guitar and Louledjian’s captivating voice, simplicity is presented as the ultimate art form: At the heart of their creations lies the combination of poetry and music, the constant search for the right balance between word and sound.

The lyrics are penned by French writer and philosopher Fabrice Hadjadj, currently director of the Institut Philanthropos in Fribourg and author of plays, essays and art books. His texts contemplate the beauty of the circle of life – love, life and hope. These snapshots of musical poetry poignantly express the richness of human emotions: We witness both the fragility and the wonders of the world around us, and Louledjian’s magical voice couldn’t be better suited to this exploration.

Whether it is La Traviata, Lucia di Lammermoor or Musetta – Louledijan has performed on the world’s most prestigious stages, the Opéra de Paris, Munich Staatsoper, Casa da Musica de Porto, Opéra Royal de Versailles, Manila and many more. An excellent singer and pianist, she masters both the classical and contemporary repertoire with enviable finesse. In addition to an extensive discography in the classical field, she released her first album “Follement 30” in 2017, a refreshing re-arrangement of French songs from the 1930s.

Achard’s biography brings a similar versatility and innovative spirit to the duo. A guitarist and jazz composer, his solo career has taken him to many stages and recording studios in Europe; he recorded his latest album Visitation (2017) together with saxophonist Géraldine Laurent. In addition to giving concerts and master classes, he regularly teaches at the IMFP of Salon de Provence.

When they perform together, we get to experience their deep rootedness in musical tradition: melodies that embrace passionate lyrics, a fine balance between vocals and instrumentations, giving both artists the opportunity to stand in the spotlight. At the same time, the duo brings in their own modern influences, creating a musical discourse enriched with improvisation and free jazz elements. A unique form of art, which they showcase on their latest album “Chants de l’Aube et du Soir” (Klarthe, March 2021). “Very charming”, according to Pizzicato!